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TUNE IN: push it and the silencer videos

Aug 27, 2007 in media/video/audio

The new album TUNE IN will be released in March 2008

Power pop mixed with haunting guitars and naughty lyrics.
Female vocals take an ironic stance on sex, pride and independence. Who is what and what is for real. Is Get Down Pussy about a cat? Is Bang Bang Betty merely a desperate shop-a-holic? and who’s talking to who in I like you? Ultimately, You Pretty Thing is by no means skin deep, it’s deeper, so to understand it’s secrets simply press the repeat button.The double sided single will be released in January 2008. Due to the independent success of Push It, we decided to choose a second single to accompany it, The Silencer.

One of the up and coming singles from You Pretty Thing created by Robert Wilson.
Jayney Klimek and Blacky were members of the late “The Other Ones” who enjoyed chart success through out Europe and the USA with Holiday and We are what we are.