blackyjayneyYou Pretty Thing are Jayney Klimek and Blacky (Andreas Schwarz-Ruszczynski).Jayney hails from Melbourne, Blacky from Berlin and work together goes back to 1984 when, as members of The Other Ones they enjoyed their first international success. Jayney sang, Blacky played guitar and they still do!Jayney’s career as a singer writer for Tangerine Dream, Tony Banks (Genisis), Ocean Club, Paul Van Dyk, Anita Lane, Terranova meets Blacky’s work with Boy George, Trevor Horn, Klaus Schulze, Pet Shop Boys….the list goes on!You Pretty Thing formed in 2004 composing and producing at Blacky’s Bibest Studio. The single Push It became the longest ever number one single on Berlin’s Radioeins. Live Music is a major feature of You Pretty Thing and concerts are planned to coincide with the (March 2008) release of their new album TUNE IN The extended members of the band are:Marcellus Puhlemann (Drums) and our three pretty things:Bridie Rack, Kathi Siewert and Sarah Henry – voices with an attitude!

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